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Magna Rack SLT Series

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Part Number:Magna Rack SLT Series

Magna Rack SLT Series

Frame Straightening

Product Overview

The Magna Rack SLT series of racks offer a feature set which customers have embraced in today’s collision repair rack market place. It has an air hydraulic tilt capability, a faster pinch-weld anchoring system with fewer bolts to secure it to the rack platform and 60% more chain tie-downs for efficient and timely vehicle tie backs.


Lifting Power

10,000 lbs lifting capacity provides you with more than enough strength to pick up the vechicles you will encounter.

Quick Loading

The Kansas Jack Magna Rack SLT’s removable drive-on ramps coupled with the platform hydraulic tilt feature facilitates easy drive on vehicle loading.

Air Hydraulic Pumps with Gauges

Fluid filled gauges provide for reliable pressure readings at the hook.

Front and Rear Removable Cross-Members

Perform a front-end pull removing mash, and then remove the cross-member to gain unrestricted access to the vehicle.

Infinite Positioning of Pull Collars

Variable-position pull collars provide for unlimited positioning for the correct alignment with the pull being made. Water-filled pressure gauges can be adjusted to provide the technician with the best line of sight when making 10 ton pulls at the hook.

Pinch-Weld Clamp

Pinch-Weld Clamp base secures to the rack with a single bolt reducing your vehicle setup times.

Available Configurations

Part Number   

Number of Towers

Shipping Weight
Magna Rack 2.0 SLTKJT9014202     2     5,200 lbs (2,359 kg)
Magna Rack 2.0 SLTKJT9014203     3     5,800 lbs (2,631 kg)
Magna Rack 2.0 SLTKJT9014204     4     6,400 lbs (2,903 kg)
Magna Rack 2.2 SLTKJT9014222     2     5,620 lbs (2,549 kg)
Magna Rack 2.2 SLTKJT9014223     3     6,220 lbs (2,821 kg)
Magna Rack 2.2 SLTKJT9014224     4     6,820 lbs (3,094 kg)


    Magna Rack 2.0 SLT     Magna Rack 2.2 SLT
Rack Length:    20’ (610 cm)     22’ (671 cm)
Rack Max. Length (with Ramps):    21’ 6" (655 cm)     23’ 6" (716 cm)
Rack Max. Length (with Towers and Ramps)    24’ 4" (742 cm)     26’ 4" (742 cm)
Width of Rack:    88" (224 cm)     88" (224 cm)
Width of Rack (with Towers):    12’ 2" (371 cm)     12’ 2" (371 cm)
Width of Treadway:    26.5" (67 cm)     26.5" (67 cm)
Center Opening Width:    35.5" (90 cm)     35.5" (90 cm)
Overall Height (Towers Down):    8’ 4" (254 cm)     8’ 4" (254 cm)
Overall Height (Towers Extended):    9’ 2" (280 cm)     9’ 2" (280 cm)
Tie-Downs:    222     244
Working Height:    22" (56 cm)     22" (56 cm)
Lifting Capacity    10,000 lbs (4,536 kg)     10,000 lbs (4,536 kg)
Pulling Capacity    10 ton (9t 72kg)     10 ton (9t 72kg)
Power Requirements    Air     Air


Part NumberDescription
K0059326Basic Accessory Kit. Set Includes: 1 Self-Tightening Pull Clamp (Single-Bolt), 1 Side Pull Bracket (Single-Bolt), 1 Self-Tightening Pull Clamp (Double-Bolt), 1 Side Pull Bracket (Double-Bolt), 1 Self-Tightening/Multi-Angle Pull Clamp, 1 Small Fender Puller (Uneven Bars), 1 Self-Tightening O-Ring Pull Clamp, 1 Tac Clamp, 1 Tac Clamp Plate (3"), 1 Tac Clamp Plate (2"), 1 Tac Clamp Plate (1”), and Silhouette Tool Board

9020026Truck Tie-Down Board

9020030Vehicle Loading Package. Includes: Winch, Wheel Stands, Car Dollies, and 2 Bag Air Jack

9025050AOverhead Pull with Collar

SL59319Light Duty Frame Anchoring

9033160Down Pull

9025018Pushing Post with Ram and Pump for Magna Rack SLT

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